Hiring the Outsourcing Services of Copy and Content Writing Experts

Copywriters that you find in the phone book generally charge high hourly rates and that may suit you if you have a very specific task that you want to be just perfect. There are however many hundreds of talented writers and recent graduates overseas who make their living writing content from contracts they have won online. These skilled outsourcing service providers bid for writing projects based on what you want to pay.

Also, unless you are a large corporation that requires a constant feed of copy or content for your various marketing and PR functions, engaging a writer on a per project basis makes much more sense for two main reasons:

Financial: Work is completed for a set fee, no extras involved as with full-time staff
Expertise: No single writer is an expert in all things. When content and copy writing is outsourced on a project by project basis you have the opportunity to find someone who is both a competent writer and has firsthand knowledge in the subject matter. Content pieces, particularly, will be more believable and have that extra edge that may be missing from a piece written by someone who did a quick chunk of research but has no real affinity with the subject. In fact, even large corporations may be better off using outsourcing services, rather than hiring a writer, for this reason.

Finding a Freelance Writer

As with Graphic Designers, freelance writers can be found online through many avenues. Many freelance writers are now using freelance sites to find work and advertise their outsourcing services. Projects listed include copy and content writing for:

Web sites
Information drafting services packs
Other marketing and promotional materials

Planning Your Writing Project

When it comes to specifying your outsourcing service requirements, no writer is a mind reader so you need to ensure you have a specific idea of what you are waiting for your project. Clarity is the key and includes outlining:

Specific angles you want highlighted
Style of writing you think will suit you and your client’s best.
Limits of your content- what do you want to focus on and how broadly.
Language type- do you want it to be formal, informal, fun?
Target audience
Writing up draft specifications for your project before you begin to advertise is important.

Your specs do not have to be perfect, but they should be comprehensive enough that you get responses from qualified outsourcing service providers that know enough to ask you clarifying questions.