What Noni Dosage Will Work For You?

So you are considering using noni juice as a health supplement and are wondering exactly how much juice to drink. I will offer you some noni dosage guidelines based on my own experience (my long-standing twelve year acquaintance with the use of noni), and suggestions from Dr. Neil Solomon, a renowned expert in the use of noni.

In my experience there are three different categories of people who choose to use noni juice:

1) Relatively healthy people who are convinced through a preponderance of evidence that noni juice will enhance or improve their overall health,

2) Athletes, or people who require extreme physical endurance in their work or other activities,

3) People with medical ailments, anywhere from relatively mild to those with extreme life-threatening conditions.

Most people who use noni would probably fall into the first category, those who are relatively healthy. Here’s the recommended noni dosage regimen for such a person:

Begin by introducing noni into your system by taking 2 teaspoons of juice per day for a few days. After this it is advised to increase the dosage to 1 ounce a day taken in the RAD 140 testolone review morning on an empty stomach. An absolute minimum of 90 days would be required to give noni juice a fair trial!

The second category of people (athletes) are a bit more focused on their body’s performance, and are therefore more committed to an organized noni dosage program. These people are interested in energy, stamina, muscle building, or even increased mental acuity or alertness.

Here’s a recommended noni dosage regimen for athletes:

Begin for several days with 2 teaspoons of juice, 1 before breakfast and 1 before dinner, to test your body’s response. Then for 6 months drink 2 ounces before breakfast and 2 more ounces before dinner. This would be considered a “loading dose”. From month 7 onward, take 2 ounces daily, 1 ounce in the morning and 1 ounce before dinner in the evening. Before a sporting event or other high stress activity, individuals have been known to consume up to 24 ounces of noni spread over several servings in a day. After completing a sporting activity or exercise, athletes find taking noni helps their recovery time. For a competitive athlete this is extremely important! It could be helpful to know that peak concentration in a person’s body tissue occurs approximately 3 hours after drinking the juice.